Our Process

Our process begins with a no-obligation free 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION to discuss your situation and assess which of our
services will address your specific needs. if you decide to move forward, you will receive a scope and cost of

Once you engage us, our first conversation determines your immediate needs, sets short and long term goals and clarifies
required data. 
Subsequent meetings are conveniently scheduled on-line based on your availability. 


We work with you until your financial goals are achieved and a simple, automatic plan is in place. 


From start to finish usually involves 2-6 consultations with each focused on an identified need such as budgeting, debt
elimination or retirement. 


At the conclusion of our service, you will have a plan, an advisor to keep you on track and a trusted resource to address
any questions or concerns that may arise.  You can 
also subscribe to our online aggregation tool to self-monitor progress
and provide continued financial guidance and support.