How We Work


Free Initial Consultation (Schedule Now)
We encourage you to schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your situation and determine how we might be of service. 

Financial Planning Consultation ($125/hour)
An affordable option which includes 24/7 access to a client portal and assistance with day to day financial decisions. How can I become debt-free? Should I rent or buy? Do I choose a Roth or regular 401K?  What should I do with my tax refund? What is a proper investment strategy?

(Minimum 1-hr Consultation required to establish client portal)  

Consultations are determined based on client needs but are generally focused on budgeting, debt elimination, student loan management, taxes, retirement planning, insurance and estate planning.  

Consultations are also provided to assist in optimal asset separation during divorce or litigation.

Investment Management (Per Fee Schedule)
We offer professional management of investment accounts to ensure your time horizon, risk tolerance and investment returns are optimized to meet your overall goals and objectives. 



Contract Financial Planning (Pricing varies)
We provide financial planning services to investment firms. Pricing and content for plans are custom-tailored by the investment
firm to meet the needs of their 
clients. Our thorough, independent analysis serves as a valuable tool in providing investment
management only firms in-house planning 

Educational Seminars (Pricing varies)
Seminars and guided, on-line workshops are offered to companies and industry groups both for general education needs and
to meet the 
fiduciary requirements of retirement plan sponsors.

Please see Resources -> Flipbooks for a sample of available topics.

Seminars are provided for general information purposes and are not meant to constitute specific investment,
planning or tax advice.

Attendees are encouraged 
to schedule a consultation regarding any questions they may have related to
their specific situation.